PHOTOS & REVIEWS FROM OUR(some of) LAST EVENTS...1 photo=1000 words

Nat 170 @ KYTTARO Club on sat 02.10 2010

Natural High Trance Family proudly presents 2 Live projects from WILDTHINGS Records!
One of Top UK labels is here to teach you some serious psytrance!
HOODWINK LIVE For the First time in Athens...Presenting his new Album
"Sound Mirrors"! ARCHAIC LIVE in a special 2 hours performance from his
upcoming LP & unreleased tracks!

Fluo Jungle!!!

Nat 169 @ KYTTARO Club on sat 11.09 2010
For the 1st time in Athens one of the Russian Psy Trance Pioneer Artist!!!

Nat 168 @ GoYa Club on sat 04.09 2010
with Mr Peculiar Live(Aus)+Overtonez(In)
+Psymmetrix(uk)+Asimilon(uk) _Nats

Mr Peculiar


Asimilon Vs Psymmetrix !!!

Back 2 Back 2 Back !!!

Nat 167 @ Ammos Beach Club

-Fri 30 APRIL 2010

-SAT 17 APRIL 2010 NATURAL HIGH(nat165)
Proudly presents
---Eternal Moment 4 ---- TOTAL ECLIPSE Live +Rigel Live+Nats

Total Eclipse Live pa,THX Stephan!!!

Nice deco by Optic Alchemy

Happy Morning times in the Beach!!!

fotos from Various Parties ....

""THE FIRST or THE LAST""??? NATURAL HIGH on SAT 02.01.2010!!!

(eng)The first trance party of 2010 or the A.F.T.E.R for 2009 ???
Natural High celebrates a new year arrival on Sat 02 Jan 2010
and their 10 years of unceasing presence in the greek psychedelic scene.

And because holidays are pretty much combined with presents...we announce a 10E entrance
with one drink included... and 5E for each drink,red bull or beer. Sounds like
the best way to welcome new year!!
As for what follows...Two parties with mind blowing line up on
30.01.2010 and 27.02.2010 and many more guest dj sets from Natural High Soundsystem!!!


Doc Dj set

Sotokkan Intro dj set

Psy Floor!

NATURAL x-Mass @ Mad Club Gazi on 24.12.2009

***9th Anniversary (2000-2009)***
@ KYTTARO Live Club with KOXBOX aka FRANK'E dj set (Twisted/Solstice Records,Dennmark) + Nats

dj saos(no intro set)

KoxBox/Ffrank'E dj set THX!!!

KoxBox/Ffrank'E dj set

DanceFloor !!!

Natural High presented + invited you to listen for the first time in athens
2 artists that produce what we call psychedelic trance...KIM YOUNG/ARKANOYDZ
+ OXYA(live pa) we are sure that they will satisfy even the most demanding
psytrance ear...!!!
These all happens at AMMOS CLUB (Indoor - 10 meter from the Beach!).
The club becomes indoor (for rain + cold protection)
by big special crystal doors so you will not miss any of the magnificent
outdoor view!!!

AlexUnder dj set


OXYA Live pa

with APHID MOON(dj set),Predators Live Pa,Iraklis Mindphaser, Nikitas,Optimus!!! Great Start!!!

>>SUMMER 2009,No words only some photos....

NATURAL HIGH(nat154) @ Lofos tou Strefi,Athens
"private sessions"(1 day promotion)400-500 visitors
Free/Open Air with Natural High SounSstem+nat djs....
on Friday 12.06.09.

Ankass on decks!

TritoStep aka Dimitrio Nats!

Part of N.H. SoundSystem in morning

Kalon Texnon School,Athens Greece
15000-20000 visitors for this special multi Festival!!!

3 days every night party!!! THX

MAX(Etnica)+ Iraklis time @ main Stage 3500 crazy dancers!!!

NATURAL HIGH(nat151-2-3)
3 parties @ GoYa club Psiri......

Aviron Live(nat151)

Predators Live(nat152)

iraklis M dj set

Ankass dj set

NATURAL HIGH(nat150) presents FLIP FLOP/TOUCHE TONE in Athens!!!
on Sat 14.03 2009 @ GoYa club Psiri. Also dj sets Nikitas,Mindphaser...
Psy Music+ Psy Deco!!!
(GR)To Natural High simplironontas 150 Events to savato
14 martiou 2009 parousiase enan apo tous pio perizititous
neous paragogous/djs sto kosmo ths Psychedelic Trance.
O chris Hanson idritis ton FLIP FLOP alla kai TOUCH
TONE(Solo Project) enfanistike gia proti fora stin Athina
sto Goya club prin apo to brazilian tour 2009.

(ENG)Natural High celebrates its 150 events on Saturday, 14th March
2009 and presented one of the most wanted upcoming producers/djs
in the world of Psychedelic Trance. Chris Hanson,
founder of FLIP FLOP and TOUCH TONE (Solo Project) played on
for the first time in Athens, at Goya Club, before setting off
for his 2009 brazilian tour.

Deco by Optic Alchemy, Jungle house !

Flip Full on, thx man!

multicolours dancefloor, Thx all

Iraklis in a jungle house

NATURAL HIGH(Nat149) presents Out of Athens Experience V2
on Sat 21.2009
, ANKASS,DJ OPTIMUS , Sunlight in the morning!!!

Ankass in optic Alchemy deco

Paratech live pa

psy colours!!!

Dr Sammy in mix

NATURAL HIGH(Nat148) presents Out of Athens Experience V2
on Sat 17.01.09
@ CULT Beach Bar 25th martiou str 28,
Agios Nikolaos/Loutsa(Atremis), GREAT!!!

(GR) Meta apo 7 xronia(2002) to Natural High xsekina pali ta
Out of Athens Experience parties.Ta sigekrimena events tha
ginontai konta alla exo apo tin Athina. opou pigenontas alla
kai feugontas apo to party na vlepoume ti polixromia tis Fisis,
na anapneoume katharotero aera,prin xsanagirisoume stin mountada kai agriada
tis polis mas!!!

(ENG)7 years after it's last "Out the city" night, back in 2002,
Natural High is re-introducing the "Out of Athens Experience" parties.
Our plan is to make these events in places not very far,
considering the distance and transportation, but still away from Athens.

Our cause, besides the obvious: partying, is all of us to benefit from the
atmosphere's cleanliness and enjoy whatever night or early morning,
colourful sceneries, nature's magic pen has to draw for our delight
before reentering our city's haziness....


+OHMINSIDE+Dec by Optic Alchemy!!!

>>NATURAL HIGH(Nat146) presents:---x-MASS PSY EVENT--- On THURSDAY 25 DECEMBER 2008 @ VANILLA Upstairs Club

Nikos Liquid Love


Dimitrio Vs AlexUnder

8 years Anniversary of NATURAL HIGH Family!!!
on SAT 29 NOV 2008 @ University Area!!!!
At first, there were a group of guys, sharing the same passion for psychedelic music.
Not a long time was needed for these guys to reach a very significant realization:
Psychedelic Dance Music and everything it stands for had an absolute power
upon them, in all aspects of their Life.
After that, the one led to the other...The passion had become a common vision.
It was then that they decided to throw their first party.
On 25th November 2000, in An Club, Exarxeia, they introduced their selves as Natural High / Velvet Vision
giving life to their conception of supporting the scene, maintaining or even expanding its philosophy and
doing what they like the most at the same time.

Today, after 8 years and 144 parties, the same team, united as family, are still working on the same project,
with unceasing desire towards their primal prospect. And it seems that they have managed just fine,
considering the fact that regardless the time that passed,
Natural High is still here, still active joined together with an unbreakable bond.

All mentioned above along with the upcoming anniversary gives Natural High a very good reason
to celebrate its birthday on Saturday 29th November and return to the audience that have been
supporting them through their journey their appreciation.

We expect your attendance to make this special party with 2 Stages and Free entrance!!!

We are U!!!

Stage 1/dj Saos

Stage 2/AlexBreako

Dec by Optic Alchemy/AlexUnder

In the Morning/Ankass b2b Optimus


Thanks Everyone for coming and Suport us!!!
Special thx to our friend dj Anestis for his nice performance!!!
We had great time and last track played on 10:30 in the morning!!!!

On Fri.24.Octomber 2008 @ MEZCAL Tequila Bar

Ankass in on Fire!!!

Gloster in mix///

AlexUnder is Back!!!


On SATURDAY 18 OCTOMBER 2008/start 01:45
Natural High trance family returns to AN Club
for One exceptional Event and presents:

Rigel(Cosm Records)

>>NATURAL HIGH (Nat141) opening party
@ KYTTARO Live club,Athens with:KOXBOX aka FRANK'E dj set
+E-Mov live pa+Iraklis Mindphaser+Dj Nikitas+Optimus!!!

....3 days later…..Still carrying happy faces….
After Saturdays’ event, where you all came to virtualize the vision that
urged us to give our best in preparing a successful party.
We were glad to see beautiful people in their best mood…creating beautiful atmosphere.
We as family, promise to provide strong vibrations all over Athens,
in similar of quality events keeping the spirit Natural High.
Join us to the New Era, Let’s spread the message of Psychedelic Music.

Optimus dj set

party is still Alive!!

Dj Nikitas dj set

E-Mov Live pa

Frank'e dj set 1

Frank'e dj set 2

Iraklis Mindphaser dj set

In the Morning some of Natural High Family!

>>Natural High Last summer Event in Samothraki island
on Thursday 4/9/2008///
Djs:Neurotic Twist (Germany),Doc ,Dimitrio Nats
,Panos Nats ,Chef aka Andreas Nats,Sotokkan(dc)

>>AURORA Festival 21-24 August 2008 Asprovalta
dj sets by:Iraklis mindphaser,Dimirio nats,Ankass,Optimus aka Andrea Nats,Junior X

>>INDIE FREE Festival 2008 @ Lofos tou Strefi!!!
on Sat 12 July 2008 powered by Void Network

>>Velvet Vision @ Mezcal tequila bar,
4 fridays in july!!!

>>>Iraklis Mindphaser+AlexUnder after Cancelation

of GMS @ Hall club, on Sat 07 June 2008

+Cristian Cambas + Iraklis Mindphaser,
Sat 31 May 2008 @ Iera Odos Club!!!

ELECTRO FREE Festival 2008
9-10 MAY 2008,Politexnioupolis campus Athens(2500-3000 visitors)

2-3 May 2008 Geoponiki Sxoli Athens(10.000-12.000 visitors)

nat kiosk

Nat kiosk

Dance Stage on Sat morning!!!

Ir.Mindphaser on the decks on Sat

>>Sat 12 April(nat138)
without promotion, without Bar, Free entrance,open Air,
with Natural High SoundSystem+Generator!!!! vol 2

>>Sat 22 March(nat137)
without promotion, without Bar, Free entrance,open Air,
with Natural High SoundSystem+Generator!!!! vol 1

Sat 29 March Iraklis Mindphaser+Anestis
(Medusa recs)+Gloster//Pulse production Event

>>Sat 08 March 08 Natural High(nat136)

Full Carnial Zone part 2
@ Pulse club, nats djs

>>Sat 22 feb Natural High Soundsystem @
Pulse club(only 3 hours promotion)

photo Art

Soundsystem in motion

pulse dancefloor

AlexUnder in Glow

>>>Fri 21 feb Void Network event
@ politexnioupoli area

Green fire!!!


>>SAT 09 Feb Natural High(Nat135)@ Loud Mansion
"back to the parties" vol 01
Greg Staikos,George Millennium,Figment,Panos Nats...
No Comments!!!!

>>SAT o2 Feb Natural High(Nat134) @ Pulse club
APHID MOON(UK),Mindphaser,dimitio,dj nikitas Adreas
Great Music Great Deco Great Party!!!!!!!










>>FRI 18 Jan Velvet Vision(nat133,VV005) @ Loud Mansion
Djs:Ankass,Argry Echosense,Isi,Gloster

Party time(isi)


On smoke(Gloster)

>>SAT 05 Jan 2008 Natural High(nat132)"Spectrum of Trance"
@ Pulse club, Djs: Mindphaser,Panos Nats,Ankass,+Special Goa/memories set by George Millennium(Trancemedia,Battery)

Ankass dj set,welcome to nat Family!!!


Some of Nats is here!!!


George is Back!!!


>>NYE 31.12.2007-2008 Natural High A.F.T.E.R. Hour Party!!!!!!!
start 06:30 till ??? @ PULSE club Aristofanous 11 Psiri Area, Athens


AlexUnder + Panos Nats

Nice + Diffrent peoples!!!


>>SAT 29 Dec 2007 Natural High(nat130)"In Coulours"
with Alchemix Live(Neurobiotic)Dj Doc(Candyflip)+Nats!!!
Amazing Musics X-mass atmosphere!!!

In Coulours!!!

Deco in Flash...

Alchemix Live p.a.

Dj Doc

Fotis & AlexUnder


>>Fri 07 Dec 2007 VELVET VISION
(Vv004,Nat129) Event
One Nice Night!

Progressive Vibes 2!

Gloster Dj set

>>7th Anniversary of Natural High Family on 01.12.2007
@ politexnioupoli Area,Athens.

1000~1200 VISITORS celebrate it!!!

Dj Fluo booth!!!

Global eye projections!!!


Fluo Decor

Dance to Trance 1

Funktion One!!! G R E A T Sound

Panos nats in first

Dance to Trance 2

Iraklis with a light

>>VELVET VISION(vv003/nay127) on 23.10.07
@ Pulse Club

Dancefloor 1

Dj Isi

Dj Vangelis

>>Various Fotos from "strange" events

Cinematic Sun.21.10 @ Nosotros


SoundCheck Event no1(private)

SoundCheck Event no2(private)

(nat126) Sat 03.11.07 @ AN Club
With special guest Shane Gobi(Alchemy Recs SA/UK)
Really Nice!!!

Nat Family(not All)

Decor/Stage in Fluo!

Shane in the Mix!!!

Dance It

Dj Nikitas b2b Leandros

Shane play super set!

Sweet Girls

Last Track!!!

Out from AN club!(10:00am)

@ pedio tou Areos,Athens

Main Stage(rock,live bands)
Second Stage(Dub+psy)

Dimitrio nats

>>Natural High(nat124) <> on Sat 29/9/2007
@ Loud Mansion,Ermou 116 Athens

(En)Natural High Trance Family would like to thank every single person that joined and supported this beautiful event.
Projection (GLOBAL EYE), Decor (NAT, NIKOXIL),
Sound System, Laser & Light Show, everything Was Perfect!
We are always open in every kind of suggestion and accept every kind of comment,
as long as they are honest, come in good will and, well, come in peace

(Gr)Το Natural High Trance Family θελει να ευχαριστισει ολο τον κοσμο που ηρθε και υποστηριξε αυτο
το ομορφο παρτυ .Η μουσικη(Doc,Mindphaser,Nikitas,Junior X),οι προβολες(Global Eye),
ηδιακοσμηση(Nats+Nikoxil),ο ηχος,το laser kai to Light show ηταν τελεια και απο τεχνικης
αλλα και απο καλλιτεχνικης πλευρας.
Ειμαστε ανοιχτοι σε καθε προταση η' παρατηρηση με βασικο γνωμονα την καλη προθεση και διαθεση.

Laser Show(3c)+Projections

Hot Dancefloor

Junior X
Dj Nikitas

Iraklis+DJ Doc
Hot Dancefloor 2

Nat Girls

Global Eye projection

>>BUTTERFLY Festival 24~26/8 2007 Kavala, Greece
The Natural High Trance family, taking part in the Butterfly Dance Festival with NAT-Kiosk+DJs,staying in the same place of the festival before as well as afterwards (from preparation to After Party)

Had a nice week in nature (Especialy in Paggeon mountain)... As far as the festival is consearned, we understand the great distress ofthe crowd, since we went through it as well. Everybody has to understandthat the people who made it happen were in a great dilema, either to do itin a new place with all the consequences or cancel the whole thing!

Of course we as well would have choosen the first option, as it did happen, confrontingserious problems (as it actually happened) and fought for our right to listento our music underneath the stars and inside a natural enviroment.Who will forget the transportation of the masses some 50 kilometers away from Mountain Paggeonwhen no other music scene would do so? The soft night rain and the continious dance in the rainfall?
And so many more... including bad and good moments!!!
Natural High Trance Family 9/2007


Nat Kiosk

Main Stage Wizzy Noise Live

Iraklis Mindphaser Dj set
>>AFTER Party!!!

Dimitris Nats + AlexUnder Nats

Junior X

>>Loud Masion presents ~Psy Timeless~ on Sat 28/07

Dance it

>>13~15/07/2007 - Island of Fire Festival @ Limnos Island
3 nice days - Non stop music - Great Place(in the Sea)!!!!


Dj Nikitas on Stage!

Iraklis Mindphaser(outro/last) dj set

>>Natural High presents Nat Residents version 2 on Sat 30 June 07,
@ Loud club-The last indoor party- S U P E R ///THX AGAIN!!!

Dimitris Nats Full on!!!

Dance with Nat residents!

Iraklis'set in the morning!!!

>>Natural High presents BAMBOO FOREST in Athens on Sat 23 June 07,
@ Loud club, Hot Day Hot Party.THX for Supporting

Bamboo Forest music

Forest in the city

AlexUnder Nats (2 sets)

>>Natural High(Nat120)"We are You" Fri 08 J
une 07 @ loud Club
Omegahertz Live,Iraklis Mindphaser,Meander,AlexUnder!!!

Omegahertz Live!!!

>>Vevlet Vision(VV002/Nat119) Sat 02 June 07 @ Loud Club
"Velvet Vision is a new project from Natural High Music Family in Athens with intelligent progressive sounds"

>>Ambientrancedelica Sat 12 May 2007, Politexnioupoli Athens
Special Guest Mr peculiar/Hyperception(AUS),in special 3.45hr Dj set!!!

Mr Peculiar Sounsystem!!!

Open air dance....

All together!!!

Hot Sun...

Morning time!

....and cleaning time....

>>Legalize Festival 4-5 May 2007,Athens!!!
8000-10000 Visitors is the Message from this Festival...

Nat Kiosk

Floorfiller in the Stage!!! Sat 06.00 am

Members of Nats...

Mindphaser Sat 07.45 am

Natural High After party on Sunday morning...

>>Fri 28 April 2007/Natural High(118)+Neverland@ Loud Clu
ButterFly Festival Pre Event!!!
Really beauty party!!! A new music dimensions just open with Electro dub selections by D.C./Sotokan and Power Set by Miss Nas!!!

Nats is Here!!!

>>Sat 21 April 2007/FSI+Natural High Event @ Wild Rose club
TRANSWAVE Live P.A. +Cristof(Absolum) Vs Dado(Deedrah)
+Iraklis Mindphaser+Dj Nikitas+Decor By NATS

Aliens on Earth!!!

TRANSWAVE Live in Athens!


>>Sat 07 April 2007(nat117) Nat residents Version 1
Natural High Rocks!!!!

Nat BUS!!!

Dancefloor 1

Old +Good Friends!!!

>>Sat 24 March 2007(Nat116)
One of the most quility music Natural High Event!!! Lucas from TIP World/uk
played deep and serius psy trance!!! Thx for support.

Lucas(TIP World)+Andreas Nats

>>Fri 9 Mar 2007(NAT 115)
A big shout to everyone who made it to the lound mansion March 9th to what what was another nice party
Thanks to Aris/Mars+Mike/Meander for their Suport!!
We look forward to hosting another great night March 24th when we will have LUCAS
from TIP records spinning some tunes for everybody's pleasure
See you then!

>>Sat 24 Feb 2007(NAT 114)
The Natural High FAMILY wants to say a BIG thank you to all of you who came to the Loud Mansion Club on Saturday February 24th. It was an extremely successful Party. Dj Orion Live PA & Dj Set was Incredible .A true proffesional in everyway with his uplifting vibes that set the crowd alight ,almost spiritual in nature.He more than proved that his work is superb Everyone had a Great time in what was an amazing venue. Don’t forget to get yourselves back to the Loud Mansion on the 9th & 17th March for more of the same! Thanks again and see you all again soon

The preparations

Orion Live P.A.

The Laser Atmosphere


>>sat 3 feb 2007(nat 113)
Natural High returns to An Club where its very first party
took place for one exceptional event.
Thank all people to support us...

DOC in the mix

Iraklis Mindphaser...

AN Club Dance!!!

>>Sat 13 Jan 07,(Nat112)
Nice party nice peoples,nice vibes!!!

Dj Nikitas in the mix...

>>Sun 31 Dec 06 N.Y.E.(Nat111)
Happy new year for all with Peace Love & Health!!!

MARS(Acidance Records)

>>Mon 25 Dec 06 X-Mass(Nat110)
Thaks for this Powerfull event!!!
The venue was really small for this Party!!!

Dancefloor 1

Trifon Nats(with headphones)+Dimitrio in tne mix!!!

>>Fri 8 Dec 06(nat109)

Natural High Family.
would like to thanks all the people that came to our last event on Friday
8-12-06 At Vanilla.
Starting our music journey with L-Bush playing a really nice set of progressive trance to continue with Invisible,the upcoming dj and finishing with Iraklis Mindphaser.
Excellent vibes,service from the bar,sound and also the unique projections.
One more time big thanks to all of u.....

PHOTOS From "Other" Events:

>>wed 27 12 06 RED SEA Drum & Bass Event
Alexbreako+Dj D-Fer from Natural High Music Family in back 2 back...

3 decks 2 mixers 2 djs...Not bad not bad!!!

>>F.S.I 16 12 06 Matrix club/Crete Island,Iraklis Mindphaser(Guest)

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