Iraklis Mindphaser was born in Athens in 1975.He started djing in 1991 playing breakbeat and techno from vinyl records in small Athens parties.In 1992 he played at his first big party,Special Grooves of DJs(800 people open air party).In 1994 he created his first party team,called Rave Crew,with whom he organised a number of parties.By the end of 1996,after finishing a sound engineering school,he started working for Floorfiller Productions in the production department.Apart from the valuable knowledge he gained,he also had the opportunity to play with famous dj’s like Paul Oakenfold,Sasha,Nick Warren,Alex Neri(Planetfunk),Dave Ralph etc.During the years 1997-8 he played in the biggest Athenian clubs (+Soda, Camel, Playroom) and was resident DJ of the Cream and Renaissance parties(popular London based parties)that took place in Greece for the first time(Corfu, Crete, Athens, Salonica).In 1999 he started Mindphaser Music Trips,from which he got his nickname. Since 2000 he has been resident dj and the main organiser of 150+ Natural High events,which have been an opportunity for both famous like Talamasca,Orion,Joti,Electric Universe,Wizzy Noise,Neuromotor + more.... and less known artists to play psytrance for the vivid audiences of Natural High.Natural High has also collaborated with Octava Recs,Void Network, Loopsnoo Recs,Exposure Productions A.K.Iraklis Mindphaser has played in many festivals such as Sola Luna Festival 2002,E-FOS 2001, Electro Free Festivals 2,3,4,5, Kaiafas Int. Festival 2004,Samothraki 2005,Legalize Fest 2006-07,ButterFly-Drama2006-07,Aurora 2008-9 as well as in Cyprus for Psychoactive Sounds.In 2005 a free trance fanzine called dancephotocopy was published and it is the trance voice of Greece and Cyprus in print.Iraklis has a key role in dancephotocopy’s editing and publishing.

>TRITOSTEP aka Dimitrio Nats


My name is AlexUnder and I was born in Athens in 1980.My journey in electronic music has begun in 1998 when I first started visiting trance parties .At the same time I started collecting pieces of music for my personal collection. My dedication in electronic music resulted in the improvement of understanding this kind of music. I made my first steps as a Dj in 2004 playing in private parties among friends. At the same time i was looking for something better in order to offer as much as I could to the trance scene. and simultaneously to make what I like the most . The opportunity was given to me when I entered Natural High trance family, beyond that this team offered me the chance to gain the experience of organising and making parties.I had the chance to play in events with international djs as Orion,Lucas,Bamboo forest etc.My style is Progresive and Full on psychedelic trance. My passion and my love for the history and the culture of this music will always give me the power to continue and improve my shelf.

> Panos Nats(Saos)
Μy name is Panagiotis (Panos) and i was born in Peristeri (Athens) IN 1979.My first contact with the electronic music, was in 1987 listening from a related person of mine in 80's Minimal Electronics (Minimawave). On 1st of April 1995 I found myself in a mountain of Athens together with other 50 persons hearing Goa Trance.From then up to today, my life has become more beautiful because of this type of music. (Psychedelic Trance Sounds).In my years of presence in innumerable parties and understanding who really love this musical scene as a way of life and seeing that eversince I can help anyone in that way I decided to approach the Natural High Trance Family.From August 2007 i have been given the opportunity to share and to work in a team that aim has this musical scene To keep up what deserves and to pass the message in old or new fanS, this music s not only music, is way of life, that you can enjoy the beauties that has the mother nature, that you can express your sentiments not alone, but with other persons that search or want to express certain things and feelings that are so much beautiful, but also so much prohibited in the society.

Mike was born in Kalymnos, a small island south east of Aegean Sea, in 1985. His first touch with electronic music was at the age of 15. Admirer of algorithmic thought and programming, Mike started studying informatics engineering in polytechnics of Samos at the age of 18. He was also playing all kinds of psychoactive tunes on the university station, Horos 94.2FM. That period he discovered his first underground psychedelic parties around the island. At the age of 19 he was transferred to the University of Athens. He then started visiting many raves, enjoying the alternative way of life in the capital. His respect for the values and the history of music, as well as, his love for all kinds of psy trance forced Mike to join the Natural High family. Being the Benjamin of the crew, he intends to continue prove himself at every event and remain dedicated to the psychedelic scene.

Other Members:

>Dj Optimus aka Andreas Nats(Technician,Dec,Dj-Ambient)

>Dj Nikitas(Dj)

>Stauros Nats(Dj/Production)


>Junior X(Dj)

>Stauros SvMix(Bookings,Dj)

>AlexBreako(Dj -db,Internet)

>Froso(Bar Support)

>Giorge X rust(Generals)


>Void Network

+ more friends to support and help us...


Panos Nats Vs. Dimitrio Nats 01.04.2008....
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Mike said...

Hello Natural High....Nice move creating a blog of you and learning about you and your history!Keep up the good work and continue to be Natural and make as High!


Anonymous said...

hey good to see your still live and kicking!!! and all on natural.....high.....hope to dance to your bouncing tunes time......maybe you remember barbara....friend of sisiy......take it easy.....naturaly......

Tasos said...

keep it natural ;)

Tasos said...

keep it natural!! :)

Anonymous said...

vamos a delante hercules...somos aqui para hacer super fiestas...treefon

Anonymous said...

vamos a delante hercules...somos aqui para hacer super fiestas...treefon